Cambium has a strong team of engineers and technicians with experience in analysis, implementation, and business management, which then is supported by the appropriate technological tools and telecommunications, to provide our customers with a highly reliable, professional and efficient service.

Our team of professionals and associates in various specialties bring vast experience and knowledge in the area of forests and the forest industries, with a deep understanding of the nuances of forestry investment, its administration and the maximization of its returns.

The company has a staff of over 70 people in both Chile and Uruguay to manage and operate the forest assets in these countries.

In both locations, many of the professionals and partners come from local forestry companies, which have been part of the creation and management of forestry and industrial assets, thus acquiring the knowledge in forestry and organizational matters which today CAMBIUM has successfully applied.

The geographical diversity allows us to take advantage of the synergies of the experiences gained in the forestry sector, by the continuous interaction between the teams.